Jewish questions.

I am Jewish and for extra credit on my Holocaust project my teacher is letting me interview myself on whats it like to be Jewish today. But I am not sure of what questions to have, any suggestions?

Answer #1

I dont know bout the ?s im jw have you read the book the hiding place history is my fav subject and thats my fav book and it wood prob help you with your project :] ♥

Answer #2

this was a question we were asked each year in religious school… if a group, such as the nazis, tried to take over and were arresting every jew, would you admit to being jewish, avoid going to a camp, and try to live so that you could tell the story and help others on the outside… or would you admit to being jewish, go to the camp and perish? what is your personal feeling? I always answered that I would deny being a jew (G-d would know what was in my heart) and try to help others to escape. I always felt there was a huge dirrerence between denying G-d and denying being a jew…

Answer #3

Oh that’s another one, how is Judaism portrayed in the media today and do you feel you can relate to it. How immersed are you in your culture compared to your parents generation (how many people do you know who are jewish, can you speak hebrew etc etc). How strictly do you follow the rules, as compared to your parents generation…

Answer #4

You could ask: What things about being Jewish make you proud? How does being Jewish makes you different to your friends? How is it different from when your parents were your age? How does a Jewish teenager today feel about the Holocaust? What do you think that all teenagers should understand about the Holocaust? Do you think that people today have any misunderstandings about Jewish people?

This sounds really interesting. Best of luck…

Answer #5

I am jewish also and I can’t think of much more to add to the questions above.

Answer #6

Ask Kyle from South Park he outta know. ^^

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