It's really hard for me to calm down.

Whenever I get really worked up about something, it takes forever for me to actually calm down. Like, breathing.. & my heart rate goes up. I also have asthma, but not bad at all it’s caused by seasonal allergies. Could it have anything to do with it?

And everytime I cry I have a panic attack. Even if I’m not that upset.

Is this a personal problem I need to work on, or do you think it’s physical? Like, my heart rate won’t go back to normal fast enough so I have a panic attack? Am I just really stressed out?

Some answers would be very appreciated. Thank you ! <3.

Answer #1

whenever I cry, about something that is really upseting to me, I get this thing where I can control my breathing, so when I talk it sounds like I’m hicuping.. erhh it’s kinda anoying when you’re explaining to people why your upset.. lol!

Answer #2

… … Weeed. Nah, you say your asthma isn’t bad but I dunno. Weed is the best stress killer. That’s what it is prescribed for actually, stress. Something else I guess would be to think about little bunnies and puppies.

Answer #3

I have asthma too and its reallly I mean reallly hard for me to calm down when I get mad. This is just my opinion …but maybe you dont have anyone to talk to and thats why youre so stressed…and when you do get mad thats why it takes forever to calm down because everything just rushes back into your head. Having a panic attack is just because your not getting enough air when you cry or you focusing on just 1 certain thing while youre crying. I dont think your asthma has nothing to do with it. Try buying a stress ball or do something that will keep you entertained.

Answer #4

It sounds to me like you have a panic disorder which can trigger your asthma and then in turn make your panic worse. You need to learn some relaxation techs. to help you bring your stress levels down when you feel things are beginning to become too much for you yo handle. Do these episodes hit you all of the sudden? Is there anger involved during these times? Depression? There are a number of things that can cause panic disorders. Because of your Asthma ect, I think it would be a good idea for you to see your doc about this issue.

Answer #5

count to ten

Answer #6

It sounds like you have a panic disorder, , which triggers your Asthma and then makes you panic even more because you can’t breath. You need to find some relaxation tech. to calm you down when you feel yourself getting overwelbed and strested out. Are there any anger episodes that go along with these episodes? Depression? There are a number of things that can cause panic disorders in people. Because you are also having to deal with your Asthma, it would be a very good idea for you to go talk with you doc about this. I wish you the very best.

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