Is this statement true or false ?

“A majority of Americans are not resentful of this country, or running around bitter, enraged, or angry. To the extent that those who are angry are angry, it’s because of the incompetence of the government they have to deal with from federal, state, to local. It’s not because government’s not doing enough. It’s because government doesn’t do enough right “ - Is this statement true or false ?

Answer #1

ty Advisor: Where is the opinion in what jimahl said to me ?

amblessed, do you still beat your wife? <<

Answer #2

what mjax said… please stop playing the pity card… we try to check up on as much as possible, but just as you have your strong opinions so do other people…

Answer #3

I agree with it but I would think that’s a very hard thing to measure so I wouldn’t count on it.

Answer #4

I think people need to get back to the issue at hand. If we all believe there are problems with our government, it’s time to stop talking, get out there and do something about it. Jimahl, while I understand the meaning behind your question, it was put the wrong way, and not explained. To make a comment like that without explaining the why behind it, can spark flames.

I personally believe our government needs a lot of work, but I think if people are willing to do that work we should step it up and get going!

Answer #5

WHY should us ADVISORS have to step up to every argument on here when it clearly doesnt have anything to do with us. Thats why there is funmail. If someone is bothering you then let us know but if someone is just having an opinion like you do then its a free world as long as they dont over step the boundarys. As for having no life I see you on here as much as everyone else. lol

Answer #6

“ if I were Muslim, you’d be nuked in a second on this site - next Advisor to read this, Why the clear Double-Standard ? -“

Given that someone on this board just antagonized Muslims by saying that no Muslim should ever be qualified to be president, and their statement was not censored or reprimanded in any way, I’d say you are dead wrong in this assessment.

In other words, get over it. Your “circle the wagons” mentality is pathetic and is nothing more than self-victimization.

Answer #7

I think it’s true that a majority is not “running around bitter, enraged, or angry”. In regard to those who ARE angry, I doubt there is one overriding reason. Incompetence does enrage a lot of people, but I think most of the enraged are probably angry not because government is incompetent at controlling every aspect of their lives, but because it’s attempting to do so in the first place.

Answer #8

I’ve asked myself…”were poiticians like THIS, bi*chin’ and name calling…and doing “why is everybody picking on me” stuff…when I was in my 20’s”?? Since the maturity level appears to have dimished over the years…I think maybe in my young days, they were just as immature, but I was closer to being a “peer”…12 isn’t that much younger than say 18…I can’t watch the news anymore, without wanting to shout…”GROW UP, already!!!”

Government is money waster…OPM…”Other Peoples Money”…just as in private life, it’s easier to spend mom’s money than it is to spend our own…Here we have hundreds of thousands of people who can’t wait to get their hands on OPM. The government can’t even follow up the credit cards they’ve issued to gov. workers…LOL…let alone $3000 toilets in barracks, and other wasteful expenditures…And this is just the tip of an iceberg…

They spend money to “take care of us” by telling us what kind of dog we can have…while they serve up poisened toys from China to the kids…GIVE ME A BREAK…it’s too big, it’s drowning itself in buracracy…and it’s getting bigger everyday…

Unfortunately, it doesn no good to band-aid (which is what we’re seeing…200 years of bandaiding)…gotta fix what’s under the bandaid.


Answer #9

I Agree. . We have a great govrnment in this country, BUT it’s not perfect by a long shot .

Answer #10

Advisors can’t be everywhere at every time :) But I try!

Answer #11

The ability to manage anything is proportional to its size. American government is HUGE and costs over 2.5 trillion Dollars a year to run. ($2,500,000,000,000 I think I have the zeros right) and that’s not including SS, State, and local taxes.

A big chunk of the problem is that public demands for government services continues to rise which further compounds the problem. It’s a balancing problem–how much is enough, how much is too much? and no one agrees on any aspect of it.

It really doesn’t matter who’s in charge as it is way beyond management. It’s clear that the Republicans suck at it, and its eqully clear the Democrats are just as bad.

The whole thing needs to be scaled down to something manageable – we simply can’t afford to keep this up this way.

Answer #12

well, this is off subject from the original question, but rightfully so. when I read the christians v. atheists questions, evolution v. creation questions, etc. things get heated and sometimes rude and nasty. but no matter how heated they have become the nastiest comments that I have read on this site are against homosexuals and muslims. amblessed needs to get over it - he gives as good as he gets. he is no delicate violet that requires an advisor to fight his battles. as his past posts read, he can dish it out…maybe he just can’t take it.

Answer #13

Amblessed: It’s because government doesn’t do enough right ‘ -

Our government hasn’t done enough right for a long time, try around George Wasington’s term in office and it’s been going downwardly in a spiral from there.

From our government elected officials voting continued pay thru out their entire lives, no taxes, body guards…and so on and on…we are the slaves who make it possible for the rich to get richer.

Answer #14

in context, I find nothing wrong with what jimahl wrote.

I find it much less offensive than when I am told that I am bound for an eternity of hellfire and brimstone as many on this site do because of my lack of belief in a god. or when I read that homosexuals are demon possessed.

and I agree that we need to step up and do something to help bring about change in this country. we have allowed the government to run rough shod over the constitution and it needs to stop.

Answer #15

amblessed- I agree with your statement. the frustration everyone feels towards our government, is a reason for a lot of anger. I think the liberals are angry because they see the government has become too conservative, big business and fundamentalist. I think the conservatives are angry because they see it as too liberal. and I think we are all angry because we think they don’t do a good job of spending our money. each group can point to an injustice against their side.

Answer #16

like editor said, the message was deleted, as I did not see it, I’m assuming it was handled promptly… jimhal’s message may have been out of line, but why accuse us of not doing our jobs, it’s not like you complained to an advisor who was online and they deliberately ignored you… we do not discriminate on race, religion or anything else, so please don’t accuse us of trying to be overly politically correct to the point where we discriminate against christians and not muslims…

Answer #17

Torikene, my response was hyperbolic, as are many others on here. If I did anything wrong, it was overestimating how many people had heard the expression before. I really didn’t think it needed to be explained.

I agree whole heartedly that it is people that need to get out there and do something to change things. I think that is what is happening with Obama. The people are responding to his message, and he is evoking many newcomers to politics to get involved.

Answer #18

I’m not American - the answer from ‘toadaly’ sounds pretty legitimate though.

Answer #19

jimahl, I realize it’s because I’m a Christian that you and some on here consider me “FREE HATRED GAME”, but you’’ve been doing it for 2 months now - When is enough, enough ? Why do Advisors never step in ? How pathetic can your life be ? - This Christian will not cower and will continue to stand up for my beliefs which you so enjoy trying to put down - if I were Muslim, you’d be nuked in a second on this site - next Advisor to read this, Why the clear Double-Standard ? - I hope other Christians here will speak up against this constant barrage against them on here !!

What exactly is your purpose for saying above: >> amblessed, do you still beat your wife? << STEP UP AND ANSWER !!

Answer #20

amblessed, that comment was deleted and the person who said it was FunMailed. Did I not handle this properly enough to make you satisfied?

Answer #21

That is an interesting point toadaly… I’d add that the administration keeps sticking its nose into places it shouldn’t (like Iraq) and then making a total mess of everything else…

Answer #22

This may get me kicked off this site, but here goes.

Amblessed responded to a post I made (that has since been deleted) with the following : “What exactly is your purpose for saying above: >> amblessed, do you still beat your wife? << STEP UP AND ANSWER !!”

This was not a serious question, nor was it meant as a personal attack. It is an old expression used to highlight a loaded question. Meaning that you can answer neither affrimative nor negative without acknowledging that you do in fact beat your wife. I was trying to show that this question couldn’t be answered in the way he presented it, because in order to do that, you must accept the entire premise and framing of the question.

I obviously don’t believe he beats his wife, nor should anyone else when you look at my full response in full context.

If this gets me kicked off of here, so be it.

Answer #23

I don’t really know how to answer the question, I would say, however, that I am very concerned about our country. I do believe that our government is way too big, and the red tape is enourmous. I think the waste is terrible. And that the government should be more accountable to the people.

We have much to be thankful for, much to be prayerful about.

I think we have enemies everywhere, that would love to see our demise.

We are a very benevelent nation.

I think we have helped everyone on the face of the earth, at one time or another.

I think it is good that we can do this.

However, I am not sure how much we are helped in return.

I do not see how we can bridge this gas crisis.

I am afraid it will bring us to our knees.

However, I thought that, when the huge welfare cut came about, several years ago, I truly thought we would see rioting in the streets, and each person that came off of welfare, were somehow worked back into society somehow. I have not seen any ramifications from this, and I surely was expecting them.

There is no way on earth that I would want to be any where near the presidents job. I don’t know how he takes all the heat, and keeps on keeping on. And I think that there is no way, that we as citizens can possibly understand the intricies of our government, and our world.

I think if we could understand the graveness of the hour, that we would all be on our knees.

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