Is masturbating everyday ok?

is masturbating everyday ok?

Answer #1

As a doctor ;) I say it is ok ( I mean it does no harm) but it is up to you if you REALLY want to make it more seldom.

Answer #2

its ok unless it goes against your daily routines, or takes up most of your day. its healthy just dont make it the crucial part of your life.

Answer #3

GO FOR IT JUST DONT LET ANY ONE FIND YA! hey if you dont have any one be your own baby!! just lay there and keep saying oh baby yes oh baby and you will thank your hands just move about you can do it YEAH!

Answer #4

I guess its okay…

Answer #5

Masturbation is a healthy part of life…but once you think that you won’t become obsessed with doing it.. Your good to go…

Answer #6

sure why not? if thats what you like(:

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