How many times a day is masturbation ok?

How many times a day is it ok to masturbate? I’m just curious because today for some reason I’m reallyim really horny but I don’t have a boyfriend to have sex with and I don’t really want to have sex.

Answer #1

yea you can do it as many tyms as you want but if you do it to many tms its gona hurt after a wile wich is tellin your to stop

Answer #2

It doesn’t matter as long as your not making youself sore or anything.

Answer #3

I think you can do it all you want. it feels really good trust me. I’m horny talking bout it…

Answer #4

anytime, as long as your doing it because you want to! and be careful if your sticking anything up there because if you do it too much you will bleed :) hav fun

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