Is this illegal in aus?

If your parents refuse to feed you or wash your clothes or anything like that is it illegal?

Answer #1

it depends on the actual situation its not illegal if there perfectly good parents and refuse to wash your clothes for certain reasons like there tird, were recently washed, ect or feed you if you just ate, there nmaking something later, they dont feel like cooking but you have two hand so can get something for yourself it is however illegal if they neglect you and dont feed you at all, or wash your clothes say they havent washed your clothes in months/years and havent fed you because they dont have the money, cant be bothered, ect if your under 18 and they do this, there people you can call and theyll find you a batter place. like a foster home if your over 18, your legally allowed to move out and shoudlnt be relying on them to do those things for you and if your over ther age of 13 you can help around the house and try to find work if its a money problem thats causing all this

Answer #2

It’s called parenting, and they probably have good reason to give you such a punishment. You may just be a bum at home who doesn’t help out with any chores. Maybe if you went out to find a job, helped out a bit more at home, or be less defiant to your parents, they won’t be handling you a plate of tough love.

Answer #3

um.. it depends how old you are I guess, if they’re threatening you… then that’s just bad parenting, and harsh disipline.

Answer #4

The no food is abuse. The not washing clothes isn’t it’s teaching you responsbility.

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