Is this Feminist correct ?

Allison Kasic, a spokesman for the Independent Women’s Voice, says members of the “feminist establishment” are distressed that Hillary Clinton has struggled in her bid to win the Democratic presidential nomination because they believe they are entitled to a Clinton presidency - Is this Feminist correct ?

Answer #1

I’m entitled to be the President of Microsoft. If Hillary can get me that, I’ll get her the US Presidency.

Answer #2

No, no one is entitled to the presidency. I say this as a woman who believes in equal rights for everyone. I will be voting for the candidate that I think will be the best president regardless of race, religion, or gender.

Answer #3

Well no. She has to win over voters just like any other candidate.

Like I said in other advice, it would be great to have a woman president but not just to have a woman president. She would have to be the right woman.

The mere fact that Ms. Clinton is a woman does not mean that she is the best president for women.

Answer #4

hell no, feminists will vote for Hillary just because she’s a girl. f*ck the fact that she would screw this country up, she’s a woman and we’re feminists so vote for her. Dam narrow minded people. Not you, them

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