Is there really (a) god(s)?

With all the problems around the world about religeon… what proof is there that has recently occurred besides explainable events, or events that occurred before even the most simplest forms of life. If any one points out that religion doesn’t matter as much as time spent with others and being nice… welll #1 that’s obvious, preach it, #2 this is a religeon question not a moral question.

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Does God or Gods exist, I would very much like to believe that their is a power more awesome then one might imagine. The answer to your question lies within you, all you need do is ask this question? When will I have faith that I am not alone? I believe that we are all apart of a Beautiful Novel written by us for us and always about us. And within the story their is always this Voice saying look and you will see, listen and you will hear, ask and all will be made visible. Yes their is a God and all the problems of the world are the problems of the world, and not yours or mine so how can we say their theirs. My life evolves around the belief that every living creature does not exist without the other half and that all things are dualistic in Nature. What I am trying to say is to truly know the God and Goddess of Creation and Life is to know yourself. Look inside your heart and you will see what you know exists. Peace OUt.

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I believe in God, in the Trinity. I believe that God is actively involved and has a plan. Proof, well I don’t have it. But isn’t it funny that so many peoples from all over the world worship a god? There are many different names given to Him, but I believe it is the same God manifesting Himself in different ways to different peoples. That is just my opinion.

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I’m kinda on ethmer on this one, I believe in a God, just not one that controls stuff… Although he has his logic behind his reasoning, I just have a feeling…

Cant stand organized religion though…

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I dont believe there is, I’ve never heard or seen any proof of it. I meen anyone could have written that bible, what else did they have to do in that era

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there is only one god and muhammed is his messenger

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I guess we in all our glory.. Just happened to be ~smiles~

I suppose that there is no intelligent design behind what you see in the mirror, and all that is around you.

I guess our granddaddy was a toadfrog, after all, and that maybe one day, we will become… oh, don’t think they have figured that one out, just yet…

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yess I believe there is only one god…and god can do everythng…THATS WHAT I BELIEVE..

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I dont think there are any “gods” all the people who do beleive in him only have 3 words they use as an excuse for everything ‘god” has done and thats “god did it” theres no reason why I would choose to belive in something like that so I never have and never will beleive in “god”

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I dont belive there is a god but thats because I need scientific proof I dont belive in any higher power or any thing personally I find it inprobable. people can belive what they want . religion is just a way to keep people in line and stop them from doing’evil’ things.

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I believe there is a God. he’s pretty much the only thing that keeps me going. but that’s just me :)

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I believe in both Father & Mother God, all of creation is ‘mirrored’ where everything has a mirror image in both direction, greater than and lesser than, Just as we represent miniature Gods( the lesser image), the Mother God represents the greater image of Om.Our God is basically a static intellect (male). His creations, us, represent His emotional side(female). Notice here that the male side give rise to, the femaleaspect. We believethat this ‘layering’ is common in all of creation, that is male creates female who creates male who creates female and so on.Novus postulates an infinate regress of such layers of male/female gods.

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  There is no “Proof”, now or at any time in the past, of the existence of God.

I believe in God, I’m a Deist, but not in a meddlesome God that interjects Itself into the daily functioning of the universe.

My belief in God is based upon my own logic: That there had to be something to generate the energy that caused “The Big Bang”. It doesn’t have to be interjecting Itself afterward because evolution would handle future events.

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my gods are forces of nature. as far as the “organized religions” belief in an “omnipotent” thinking being watching over everything- nope I don’t buy it. what they are proposing is similiar to me being mentally aware of what every cell in my body is doing every second of every day. I respect others beliefs- believe what you will- doesn’t make anyone “less” in my opinion. I don’t see any evidence of the “divine” in this world- except for “divine nature”

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Since there’s no credible evidence of any gods, and since we know how the concept evolved out of ancient astronomy, it isn’t reasonable to give the premise any consideration.

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