Is there a hole forming in one of my front teeth?

It looks like I have something caught in my teeth. Is it a hole forming, or a cavity. It's hard to tell. I am going to stop drinking soda, I think that is what is causing it. Anyone know if it is a hole forming. I can see it within the edge of my tooth, no one will notice it unless they look hard enough.

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its woth making a trip to have the dentist take care of it as acavity rather than waiting till its more painfull and more expensive to fix. no more soda will help for the future only.

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I am not sure but if you are really worried about it I would go to the dentist and he/she could tell you.

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definately go to the dentist... if it is a hole then it will need treatment.

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Well Nikki I dont know, maybe you drink too much pop, or dont brush your teeth good enough... try asking the dentst next time you go. They will give you a more accurate answer.

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