why do my teeth feel like they are clicking?

yesterday i flossed my teeth after getting out of the shower and when i like rubbed my tounge over my front teeth on bottom and top they start to click? but when you look at them theres no visual movement? then today i got out of the shower and the same thing happend again? but then stopped after i had eaten and had something to drink. does anyone get this or know what could be causing it?

i did have braces about 2-3 years ago but because i kept fogetting to wear my reatainers at night two of my teeth have twisted. but this was ages ago. and i doubt it has anything to do with that because when you look at them you can’t actually see them moving? they just click and feel like it? i don’t get this all the time, but i have had it a few times. i searched the problem on google and some people had the same problem but no one really explained what causes it?

i would be so glad if some one could help, because latley my teeth have become something im worried about because of the two twisteddd teeeth. and please no one have ago at me for not wearing my retainer because i know i should have -.-

Answer #1

What do you mean by clicked? Do you mean that they feel loose? It could be that you are grinding your teeth at night, which can cause a range of health problems. I think it’s time to take your retainers out and keep it next to your bedside so that you remember to wear it. I also sometimes forget to wear mine and my jaw used to click when I didn’t wear them, plus my teeth get really sensitive. So I suggest that you make a point of wearing it again.

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