Is she too tall for her age?

I know this girl and she’s 5 foot 7in and she’s 10. and I was wondering if thats tall for her age.

Answer #1

woah! I wish I was that tall!…I feel short now =[

Answer #2

well that girl is me and I knew I was tall I just know why.

Answer #3

Wow she’s tall.

Answer #4

I was the same way when I was that age. Now Im 14 and Im 5’10” . Honestly it depends on your standard of too tall. Also doctors have trouble figuring out how much the normal weight is for someone that tall at that age. I feel really out of place most of the time and the thing that helps me the most is knowing that in a couple of years I will be considered ( roughly) normal height. Just make sure that you tell her that shes beautiful just the way she is!

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