Am I too tall and big for my age?

Ok so im 5 feet 8 inches tall. I weigh 145 lbs. Im turning 14 next week. AM I TOO TALL AND BIG 4 MY AGE?? every one says I should play Basket ball because im talll…its annoying when they make fun of meee!

Answer #1

im 14 5 10 and weigh 120lb people call me a lot of names like betty spegghtii and girraf and a lot of other hurtful name…just kick them in there faces!!lol!

Answer #2

omg ok this might be really random but theres this 13 year old girl that wieghs like 110 and is 6 2 every one makes fun of her and calls her gefry the jirrafe (like toys r us) shes really ugly though and gross and fun to make fun of !! i make her cry alot!!

Answer #3

thanx lol

Answer #4

hey omg finally i found someone just like me lol…im 5’9 and im 13 turning 14 in a couple of months and every makes fun of me too,who cares about what other ppl say lol we can step on them high five lol and yeah maybe you should play basketball i do

Answer #5

well I’m tall too.I’m 5ft1o and I’m 13 years old.I don’t like being tall because most of my friends are short and I feel very left out and awkward! but on the other hand,I have to be grateful for a good gift God has given me…maybe one day I’lluse my height to become a model or something

Answer #6

OMG i’m the same way 5 11” and 140 pounds

Answer #7

I’m 13 and I’m 5’10. I am 130 lbs. You should like being tall. You have the advantage in almost every sport. I skateboard since im so tall I can ollie higher than all my friends, run faster, Jump higher and you can reach high things. Also the girls like taller men, well thats what I hear. So guys and girls stop feeling so depressed about it.

Answer #8

Omg thxxx!!!\

i like the way u put it, manchester!!!

Answer #9

me to I am to tall people call me a tree

Answer #10

I am to tall to I do not like it

Answer #11

ymaamy777 you’re an a$$.

Answer #12

yo, you guys aint alone! am 15 my height is 5’9 and I weigh 200 or I think am more than that.. I dunno! so yah! am very confedint of myself… just be confident.. well… what I hate being tall is just that I cant find tall cute guys that much!! aha! but. its all good!

Answer #13

girl there is nothing to be ashamed of.. being tall is natural.. you should really try playing basketball and maybe one day you would be a superstar and we will see who is looking down on who.. use what god gave you to the fullest !! good luck

Answer #14

I a, 13 and I am 6’0’’ and I weigh 150 pounds. I like being tall.

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