Is minerva a birth control

I have taken minerva, for a month now and am in my second cycle, I did have my period on the first cycle,and have 2weeks till my next.I am in a long term relasionship, so being pregnant won't be a problem.I have very very sore breasts,and am just nervous that I could be pregnant, and if I am could there be birth defects? Or can you fall pregnant on minerva?

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Why are you taking something if you don't know whether it is a birth control pill or not?

In any case, it is. And there is a .01% chance to fall pregnant on it. That is IF YOU HAVE BEEN using it correctly (I.e. taking one pill everyday at the same time every day) Furthermore there is no way that WE CAN TELL whether you are pregnant. Go and take a test, sore breasts can be from a lot of reasons)

Oh and please go read the pamphlet that came with the medication you are taking and ask your doctor how it works.

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