How do I tell my Mom I'm spending time with my stepmom?

i am going on a field trip and im going with my step mo m and my real mom doesnt know how should i tel her?

Answer #1

just come right out and tell her. she should understand that she is also a part of your family, and you want to do things with her, too. but make sure your mother doesnt get offended. let her know that you still would like to do things with her.

Answer #2

It’s not you who put yourself in this situation, it’s your parents. You’re an innocent bystander. It is your stepmother’s and father’s responsibility to tell your mother–they are not being fair to you by not telling her and then leaving the burdern of telling the truth on your shoulders. Go to your dad and tell him tha tmom doesn’t know and that you want him to tell her.

Parents suck sometimes.

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