is it weird?

ok I don’t know if its weird or not but I actually love to eat limes like straight I pretty much eat them like you would eat a orange is that normal ? lol cause my friend thinks im like insane for eating them like that.

Answer #1

I like limes too!! I love to squeeze them on tortillia chips!!

Answer #2

not weird- I have done the same but cant now as they started to taste way too strong to bite into lol. they are very strong in one go

Answer #3

My friend eats onions straight it dont get stranger then that O.o

Answer #4

I dont think it’s wierd- I like to eat lemons straight. but then again I am a pretty wierd person…

Answer #5

ok lemons, its not weird, I do it sometimes…but onions ?? that’s “Very” weird!

Answer #6

I do the same thing with lemon and limes lol so no not weird onions? hmmm lol

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