Does drinking coffee make you shrink?

Is it true if you drink coffee you’ll shrink?

Answer #1

Its an urban myth. Coffee cannot make you shrink.

The legend probably gets its roots from the fact that drinking large amounts of caffeine (found in Coffee, Coke, Pepsi, most energy drinks) during pregnancy can impair the growth & development of a baby. Only large amounts can affect the baby though - we’re talking like 3 cups of coffee or more a day, every day for the 9 months. So although the caffeine in coffee can prevent a baby from eventually growing as tall as they might have done, it certainly can’t make you shrink.

Answer #2

Who told you that one lol if your drinking coffee and your shrinking maybe someone put something in it. I’ve never heard this before but if you are shrinking I think you need to go to the Docs ASAP.

Answer #3

has done nothing to me, been drinking it for over 30 years.

Answer #4

Sadly, yes…I used to be 6’ 10” (ok, I’m kidding :-)

Answer #5

Never heard that one before…I’ve been drinking coffee for years and years and I haven’t shrunk.

Answer #6

I have never heard about this!!!

Answer #7

No. I’m 6’4 and drink an unhealthy amount of coffee (36-60 oz. of half-cafe) a day.

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