Is it the governments business to get into private businesses ?

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No is it is not any of the Governments business, The FEDs control just about every corporation and if you don't play by the rules expect to get shut down/changed... My own opinion though.

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Let's see, Bush...invaded Iraq, right? Which then leds to TONS of government contracts (you know, government getting into business, Cheney & Halliburton).

And, tseirpeht...the Patriot Act was signed under Republicans in power in legislature & executive branches, along with the illegal wire tapping...the government *has* been figuring out where those limits are, as toadaly said.

Unless we the people start hanging them out to dry...then, we lose.

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The governments job was to uphold the constitution. Now we have been lead to believe that the bigger the better. I believe that if the government have failed to produce adequate results with our money then it will fail with buisness as well. Why give a buisness to a group of people who lost 25 billion dollars. Or their funding of art not like picture art but extreme pornographic art. Seriously how does it feel knowing that your government paid someone for the poem "Lighght" thats not the title by the way but the actual poem itself.

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Their business is whatever they say it is. They have the power.

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Brilliant idea toadaly, let them figure out what there limits are. After all it worked out great for Hitler

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Of course not. It is governments business to protect the interests of the people. There are many "businesses" that government is better at running or overseeing, and many that it is not. What specifically are you refering to?

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BUMMER ! - I inadvertently disqualified myself to serve in the Obama administration today !!...paid my Taxes.

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