Is it posibble to be fat and then skinny?

I don’t know? Random question but yeahh. Is it possible to be fat and then become super skinny?

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Yeah it is… before, I was really fat but now, I just got taller and skinnier

Answer #3

lol I was really fat then I hit a growth spurt and I was really skinny my stomach had no bulges it was completley flat then puberty kicked in and im at a healthy weight lol

Answer #4

I dont want to be skinnier!!! just my legs…& I want them skinnier by wednsday but I know it take stime so yeahh lol how long would it take to get them skinnier?

Answer #5

yes it is! but you really have to take care of your nutrition! Eat 3 small meals the day without snacks in the middle,5 hours between the meals,no sugar,no alcohol,no sault,no dressings in the salads. Prefer chicken,fish,salads…you have to exersice everyday for at list two hours… You’ll get skinny,I promise! I do it too!

Answer #6

Of course it is - if the person is really obese then get really skinny they often have left over skin on them which just sags down and sometimes leads to surgery.

Answer #7

Well I got skinny in 1 week without doin any thing. I guess I just got taller

Answer #8

you can’t get your legs skinner over night butt defiantly eat healthy & go walking for atleast 45 minutes to an hour everyday

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