Is size 10 in skinny jeans for a guy fat?

Is size 10 in skinnies for a boy mean im fat?

Answer #1

Huh! You’re not fat, trust me! Don’t know why your girlfriend would make you feel that way, but it’s not true at all! xx

Answer #2

because my girlfriend made me feel fat, when I told her that I was a size 10

Answer #3

No way! What makes you think that?

Answer #4

My brother’s a size 10 in skinnies and he’s a very low average… so don’t worry, if your girlfriend makes you feel bad, dump her. You don’t deserve that crap from her!


Answer #5

your girlfreind sounds a bit materialistic sixe 10 is not fat were not talking about size 20 …were talking about size 10 which is a pretty average and very common size many people are a size 10, many other people wish rthey were a size 10, ect and size 10 doesnt always mean size 10 all stores sizes are different with one brand you could be an 8, in another you could be a size 12 even clothes arnt reliable in dtermining how “fat” you think you are so no, your not fat

Answer #6

size 10 is fat…

try kicking that 0 off the 10 and you will be in good shape

Answer #7

I weigh about 10-11 stone :( would I be allright to wear skinnys if you could gey back 2 me much appreciated

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