Is It Okay That My Ground Beef Has Brown Spots On IT

I Fixed up some Hamburgers yesterday … and I put them in the ferige now the meat turned brown? Is this safe??

Answer #1

It’s perfectly fine. That’s just the meat oxidizing. Like apples turning brown if left out in the air for a few minutes. Different proteins and compounds react with the air. That will happen fairly quickly.

Trust your sense of smell. If it smells fine then it most likely is.

Answer #2

My husband used to be a meat cutter in a grocery store and he says (to me all the time when I question him about it)…it’s just aging because of where the air touched it. It is fine to use.

Answer #3

If they aren’t cooked yet then be careful. If the meat is starting to turn a little brown I would fry the burgers up by tomorrow.

Answer #4

Yes, it’s just normal aging that happens when you’ve had the meat in the fridge for a few days. It’s quite safe.

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