Can you put ground beef into a jambalaya mix?

I have a pack of jambalaya mix but were out of chicken, do you thin ground beef would be okay, would it be similar to dirty rice just a little more flavor?

Answer #1

Sure you can - it would alter the flavour and texture some but it’s still good.

Answer #2

Honestly, when you cook you can really do whatever you like. You can put whatever you want with whatever else you want. It’s just a matter of getting the right measurements and knowing what ingredients do what. For example: Eggs act as a “glue” and hold whatever you are cooking together as well as adding some flavor. Obviously if you add ten eggs to a cake recipe you are not going to get what you want… unless you want a giant eggy cake… My point is that you’re just supposed to improvise. I do it quite a lot. Try whatever you think sounds good.

Tell me how it works out. =D

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