is it bad that I havent talked to him??

so my boyfriend just went to sign up for the airforce, he has to get his physical then he is going to do his basic training. im not sure where they are gonna send him and he doesnt know if he wants to go over seas or not. well we got in an arguement about that and he took me back to my house and since then I havent talked to him. that was 3 days ago.. but his dad hasnt gotten a phone call either. should I be mad at him?

Answer #1

Lackland Airforce Base may be where hed go for his Basic training for My sister an two of My cousins went there an I think thats where the Airforce Basic is at I havent heard no place else then their in Texas.Hopefully that helped ya out miss.

Answer #2

He HAS to go where they send him. He has NO choice in the matter. If you love him you will stick by him. It is hard to be with a military man. More so when your not married. I say do what is in your heart. But it will be a bumpy and hard road ahead.

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