Is my newborn sick?

my son is one week old and he weezes when I lay him flat on his back. his doctor isnt going to be back till wendsday but she didnt seem to be worried about it but I think other wise. is this normal for new born babies?

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yah baby could have asthma ay brother I have it 2...n it is nothing 2 b worried about...n it is gd 2 know nw then late because it is easier 2 b cused

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ehaen I was a baby my mom said that I did that and no I have asthma so if I was you I would take him to the er

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I would get a second opinion if I were u! a doctor definately cant tell you that there is nothing wrong if they havent even examined the child, how could she say she's ok if it over the phone!! that rings MAJOR warning bells to me!
im not a neurotic mom, I have an 11 month old, so im by no means trying to alarm u, I just think a second opinion is necessary especially if you feel something, ALWAYS trust your instincts! most often than not, you're right!

your baba is TOO GORGEOUS!!!

all the best and enjoy!!!


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He is so adorable:) CONGRADULATIONS!!! My friends says, as you may know, when babies are born their lungs are completely deflated, because they never used them in the womb. So wezzing might be a cuase of the babies getting used to using their lungs,or there might still be fluid in the babies lungs. But I would take him to the doctor.
Good Luck.

P.S. I asked my pathophysiology teacher who knows a great deal about the body and bacteria in the body and she told me what I have told you. I hope everythings goes well. He is very cute. What is his name? Take care. :)

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If the baby is feeding WELL then dont worry about anything the doctor says right hes right

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oh im not sure really...I just had to tell you tho that your baby is so cute..

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My sister just had a baby and she's doing the same thing!! She was really worried that she might have asthma or that her air way is constricted, and when she took her to the doctor, she wasn't doing it anymore... so it just sort of went away.
Good luck, though, I would just keep a close eye on him and maybe call the nurses' help line through your doctor. If you're really worried you can take him into the office and he can see a different doc (even if it isn't his primary) and maybe you'll get some answers. Good luck! :)

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You should get it checked out (they don't mind new moms being nervous) but to reassure you, my son couldn't really breathe comfortably lying in his back for several weeks - my health visitor and I decided that he was OK sleeping in his car seat, even in the house, so that's what we did - we just strapped him in and he slept slightly more upright. It worked fine for him and didn't last long. Do get a proper medical opinion, though. Best wishes...

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nah he isnt sick hun, I was a weezing bby myself..he may just have 23 and I do take breathing tretmnts every now and then, but its ok to have a weezing baby, he probably will grow out of it anyways

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Here's a number for Ask-A-Nurse: 1-800-892-8260

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