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my three year old daughter has had this little caugh for three days now but tonight its worse. she cant stop caughing she goes like hour straight non stop caughing. She did throw up once today and seems like she needs to again. I tried to get her to take medican but she wont. What can I do?

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Hello, I'm only sixteen years old with a one year old but, when my sons sick. I give him warm cider, it cleanses the system, an feels great onn there throat and will not upset there stomach and make them throw up.

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Try giving her a tablespoon of Honey. It helps soothe the throat and helps to kill bacteria in the throat.

You can also give her Cherry Cough Drops. Most kids love the flavor and it helps soothe the throat.

When she goes to bed rub some Vicks Vapor Rub on her chest and throat. Her body heat will release vapors that she'll inhale and they help soothe her.

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