Is Getting A D Is Consider Passing??

uuumm…some people might agree or disagree with this…people say getting a D is consider passing..and some say getting a D is unacceptable and a very poor grade…I don’t know..What Do you think?? I know it’s better then getting an F.

Answer #1

your late Miki13031..I already got da answers I needed…Sorry..lmao;)

Answer #2

Yes, getting a D is considered passing because it means 50-59 per cent. Under 50 per cent is a failing grade. However, it is “unacceptable” if you wish to have a future which involves whatever youre getting a D in. Most good colleges and universities will not accept students with a mark below 75 per cent, if its an important subject.

It also depends on whether you’re taking applied or academic, what grade you’re in, and if you have done well in this course previously.

Answer #3

It doesnt take a genius to figure out that a D is better than an F. But so what? Because it is better does not make it a good grade or acceptable.

Answer #4

Well C and above is considered passing at school…Sure a D is better than an F…But if your homework and tests are D’s and then you get only 1 F, and next is a D. Your grade now is an F, So be careful

Answer #5

correction a D falls in the percentage 60-69 anything below 60 is a big fat F. So yeah answering your question, D is a passing grade but like rayray333 mentioned most good colleges and universities will not accept them. so it is recommended that if its a subject of important academics then one should retake the class to try and get a superior grade than a D.

Answer #6

no a d means below average a c means average and you pass

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