Is 22 the worst year ever?

I’m approaching 22 at the end of the month. All my friends have gladly told me this was the worst birthday, and the worst year they’ve had so far. Obviously I’m approaching this age with caution.. Can anyone give me any good stories about their 22nd birthday or their 22nd year? Surely it can’t all be bad.. Or can it?!?

Answer #1

My 22nd year was just fine..they’re messin’ with ya !!

P.S. Happy Birthday !!

Answer #2

22.. how would this be any different that 20 or 21? I mean I’m turning 22 also and I think it’s silly to think that it’d be any differnet than those years you’ve turned older before. Just relax. It’s just another birthday.

Answer #3

I loved being 22! It’s a great age! Enjoy it!

Yep, your friends are definitely messin’ with ya!

Answer #4

It’s silly for them to say 22 is the worst year ever! Everyone is different! I had lots of fun when I was 22.

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