Is 13 degrees celsius warm enough to wear shorts ?

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No, it is physiologically too cold.

People discovered that, some years ago during the 'hot pants' craze: when it's cold and you were shorts, even if you don't catch cold, etc., your dear little body starts to compensate by building up extra layers of fat on the exposed thighs.

So... NO GO.

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it depends on where you live and what climate you are used to...but I wouldn't wear shorts in such cold weather if you paid me...I prefer at least 24 degrees before I'd even go without a sweater

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well, I have met people from Canada and they sweat when its 40F... and they visited hollywood once and they said that they almost died.. hahah

I guess it just depends on the climate on lives at

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No. Its between 36 and 40 degrees F---sorry didn't feel like working it all the way out. Lol---multiply 13 times 2.2 and that's your temp in F

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No. its way too cold.

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Yes it's warmer than you think

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