How does a hooker stay warm in the winter?

Just out of curiousity how does a hooker keep warm in the winter? I mean seriouslly they pretty much wear almost nothing when out on the streets so how do they stay soo warm and not freeze to death??? Lol

Answer #1

just like you..a jacket.

Answer #2

hahaha nice answers…as for the period part I bet most of them had hesterectomys or are just nasty enough to not care if they got it.

Answer #3

Haha, they probably wear trench coats on when the car pulls up they flash it. My question is, Do they still “work” when they are on their period?

Answer #4

You get used to it! I used to work in a factory mixing room kept at a constant 5 deg celsius. At first I would wear the body warmer they gave, but after a few weeks I got used to it so much, I would waltz around with my t shirt on rofl (plus I got to flew my arms to the chicks working there, they were well impressed I was not cold and had guns haha) I even managed to work up a sweat in my tshirt when I was working hard! Chilled sweat on a thsirt is kinda unplesent though, makes you more cold in the long run :S.

Answer #5

booze jackets or huddling in the scrum. Or maybe they don’t get cold.

Answer #6

I cuddle them lmao

Answer #7

You usually see them smoking…I wonder if that makes them feel any warmer.

Answer #8

by boinking for money :)

Answer #9

See through thermals?

Answer #10

I recently discussed this with my sister, and we asked my boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend, since she is a hooker, her name is michelle. She was quite offended but she did say that they wear pants high boots and a jacket that they can open and flash the goods. She also said they sometime keep those heated pads in their pockets, like the kind you would use for hunting or at a football game.

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