Am I short or tall for my age?

Am I short or Tall?? Im 13 but going to b 14 on dec 26th Im 5’2…If you had 2 choose is that Short or tall?? Im just wondering b/c I now people that call me short and some people call me tall.

Answer #1

around average. im 17 and only 5’2 1/2” and IM short.

Answer #2

yea im 15 and im 4’10 so… I would say your tall but for 13 I guess thats about average maybe a little on the tall iside.

Answer #3

Sweetheart I’m 21 and I’m 4’11. 5’2 is average for your age because you should be hitting a growth spurt pretty soon.

Answer #4

im 12 and 5`2 and a half…shortie…lol

Answer #5

I’d say tall for a 13-year-old, but maybe closer to average. I don’t know… I’m 19 and only 5”3-5”4ish.

Answer #6

im a 14 year old male and I am 6’0 but I have tall people in my family so I guess it is average.

Answer #7

your a perfect hight for your age .. im 5 foot and im 14 :(

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