What do I do if my iPod battery dies quickly?

the battery dies quickly and i did what people say when they said to get rid of all the multitasking stuff but it still dies quickly

Answer #1

What do you mean by screwed up????

Answer #2

Whats wrong with it?

Answer #3

it dies really quickly i have researched it and people say to elemenate all the multitask functions and i have but it still dies really quickly

Answer #4

Get a new ipod or battery. but i dont get it when you say ‘srewed up’

Answer #5

My mom just had that happen to her. How long have you had it for?

Answer #6

Consider the possibility that the battery or the adapter that charges your ipod needs to be replaced.

Answer #7

Fill out a report on apples sight and send it back and theyll send you a new one same thing happened to me twice.

Answer #8

ive had it for a while and ive never had this problem i think its a year old

Answer #9

Get a new one.

Answer #10

i have 2 adapters and a docking station that charges it they all charge it to 100 percent and it doesnt change anything

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