Why is my cell phone battery dying quickly?

I have the LG FUSIC and my battery has been dying quickly. Or a lot of the time it goes from 1 battery bar to 3, then to 2 then 1. Its making me sooo angry. I just wanna throw it away! Why is it doing that? And is there a way I can make it stop?

Answer #1

if you cahrge the phone when it doesnt need to be or you dont charge it when it does need to be then it messes up the charger. its either that or you charger is broke or the internal battery of your phone is broke. best to see a proffesional technolgy person to get there verdict

Answer #2

buy a new battery

Answer #3

it means you have a sucky phone there did I answer your question?

Answer #4

do you charge it to much cause if you do it affects your battery and wears it out and it over heats then it dies fast, because I have the voyager to and it used to do it to mine and what I did was I charge it until it was fully charged so after that I didnt rele use I didnt rele txt or call anyone so that I dont have to charge it over night so maybe tryy tttht . I hope I helped! (:

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