having an abortion but I don't really know what it involves!

I’m 15 and I am pregnant.I’m having an abortion but I don’t really know what it involves! how do they abort the baby??

Answer #1

I wish that people will just stop saying that everyone that decides to have abortions are murderers. YOU DO NOT KNOW what you are talking about.

Jeez. it’s HER BODY and HER CHOICE and she didn’t ASK If it was murder, she ASKED how the process works.

And abortion isn’t always a bad thing.

Answer #2

http://serendip.brynmawr.edu/biology/b103/f00/web2/ali2.html Go here to learn about it. And no they don’t there are other ways,the person above is being rude. Don’t feel bad about aborting it. It’s a very good choice. Don’t ruin your life by having a kid.

Answer #3

Oh, and it doesn’t hurt the “baby” as it isn’t a baby yet and it cannot feel pain. Go for it and don’t feel ashamed, you’re making the right choice. Talk to me more about it if you want. I can help comfort you. Im probably going to be one of the few he don’t make you feel down about your situation.

Answer #4

that is always an option! let someone else who is fully capable of giving the baby what it needs!

You DO KNOW that very FEW children do in fact get adopted and that it isn’t ALWAYS an option as you put it?

Answer #5

don’t abort your baby! that is exactly the same as murdering, just put it up for adoption. Give the child a chance to live it’s life. What if your mom aborted you?

Answer #6

*my bad your fifteen and im sure you could handle a baby there are always options to help you take care of the baby but your its mother and it loves you already dont kill it

Answer #7

yes they do and that is 1 of the less scaring ways there are other ways they abort babies they will all hurt you as much as it hurts that poor baby your killing

Answer #8

yeah but I agree with summmer cause your young and if it isnt born then you arent izacly killing it are you? x but I agree wid you in sum wayz

Answer #9

thats a good choice :) my mom had me when she was 16, and im very happy she didnt abort me. Everyone should have a chance to live their life.

Answer #10

a couple of months ago my 15 year old thought she was pregnant.it turned out she wasn’t. under no circumstances is it alright to have an abortion.now a days girls are using abortion as birth control.even the morning after pill is an abortion.our daughter was not going to abort.we were going to help her by taking care of the baby while she finished high school and collage.having a child does not have to ruin your future.if the parents wont help then there are other programs that will help you take care of them so that you can finish your education.if I lived closer I would gladly help you by taking care of baby while you went to school during the day.

Answer #11

nobody should advice you on these girl.u ve gotten the answer so more grace to your elbow

Answer #12

you are making the right desicion in keeping it. xx

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