Is the u.s getting involved in the war between south and north korea?

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I sure hope not; we've got our fingers in enough pies already.

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i tihnk so, my friend's mom is about to be deployed there, she's in the air force but they won't tell her what shes going to be doing there.

North Korea

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i think if we do it might kick off a nother world war

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Yes. The U.S Army has decided to get behind South Korea. Personally, I think they should mind their own business before they start World War 3. I'm sure North and South Korea can figure it out themselves

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but arent we already in war with iraq i mean i heard it sopose to end in like 2014

North Korea
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i meant seriouslylol

What is the USA doing about the situation in North and South Korea?

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That's what I heard Obama say. And yes the U.S is still at war with Iraq(alongside my country) and Obama is sending war ships or something over to Korea :|

What do you guys think about the North Korea attack to South Korea?
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If they do, we've got a small chance of winning against North Korea. they hate our guts, but (in my opinion) chances are China will back up North Korea and once China gets involved we have no hope if we join in, we owe billions of money to China and i have feeling some ppl willl be packing their bags and leaving the country cuz China will crush us.

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same here
i think our goverment is stupid
wer getting invovled in two wars that arent even ours

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Nikki, agreed with your second half of your comment. China is “supposed” to reign in North Korea but if China backed North Korea in war, America and Allies will have a tough time winning this war. Let's hope China show some diplomatic composure and tell the other communist country off (wouldn't hold my breath thou considering how China treated Taiwan because Taipei wanted to become their own country instead of being part of China).

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Thank goodness your friend's mum isn't an elite squad member, you just air where is might be going...Duh.

Do you think the dictatorship of north Korea will be more democratic now that kin jong il is dead?
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Idiot we have a huge chance of winning against North korea
and China is not happy with North Korea

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