Civil War in the U.S.

If their was a chance of another Civil War between the South an North who do you think would come out on top in todays time,that is before this recession had happeneed.

Answer #1

Actually Knowledge keeper has a good point, I didnt factor terrorist attacks. Yes the south would definatly win. Because liberals are weak minded they are easy to assimilate. You get a terrorist within that collective saying “hope” and “change” they are reprogramed to obey any and all orders. Kind of like a jedi mind trick.

Answer #2

Alright guys sorry for the question I asked.I read alotta books an jusyt wondered what others thought on that subject,I’ve red a couple books lately an 1 was fictional & 1 was non-fictional. I was just curious to see what output Id get back on the qustion.

Answer #3

If there was another cival war we wouldn’t be divided like in the first one it would be division within states, cities, and streets. It would be a horrible war that would be fought in the streets on every town in America.

Answer #4

we cant afford a civil war. the enemies of the US would see it as a perfect oppurtunity to destroy us before we unite again. and then it wouldnt be the north or the south. it would be a foreign country

Answer #5

There are more states in the North compared to the very few Southern states.. I think we would dominate. (We being the North)

Answer #6

well that would mean splitting the army, thus leaving us open for any other worldly attacks, I’m not saying we would, but terrorist attacks most likely would increase dramatically, their would be a president of the north and south and people would die like the nazi’s killing babies. No I dont think America will have a civil war unless the government passed a law taking away a right of ours or something similar to that

Answer #7

tseirpeht, did you ride to school in a small yellow bus?

Answer #8

Would be interesting, just think with how computerized everything is. Imagine some military guy from the north with access codes to missile defense systems in the south, he could then launch their own missiles against them. Personally I would bet that the north would be too scared to fight. Liberals dont like confrontation and traditionally the congregate in northern states.

Answer #9

Sorry I couldnt resist poking fun at the liberals. But in seriousness I believe that it would be very hard to tell because of how computerized everything is. It would seem to be very difficult to break down the military network between states. But we know that the south would be the instigators of it so they have the advantage of a surprise. But the north has a lot of people and you also need to consider that many familys are located in different states now, I am not sure how “motivated” they would be to go at war against their familys.

Answer #10

Truth? What kind of truth is there in a question about a possible future civil war?

Answer #11

Truth hurts dont it Jim?

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