Scientific breakthrough--water as fuel

I was watching something on fox news and this guy invented some crazy sh*t. the company is Hydrogen Technologies, but what this guy did was create a flame that burns as hot as the surface of the sun. but somehow, you can put your hand in front of the fame and it only feels warm, but put it against anything else and it melts it almost instantly. the thing is he uses water an electricty as the fuel, instead of H20 its HHO, invented to cut through metal. but then riged to work in vehicles as fuel, 4 ounces of water will get 100 miles. this is a huge break through, the engines have passed all safety standards and he has a military contract to make hybred hummers. this could quite possibley be the wave of the future, what are your thoughts.

Answer #1

This sounds like simple electrolysis of water. The problem with using electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen is that it takes more energy to split the molecule than you get when you burn the resulting fuel.

There is a trick they use with diesel engines were they use hydrogen from electrolysis with water to improve combustion efficiency. This is nothing dramatic, just a trick to get a little better efficiency from these engines.

I believe this company has a simple product that they are hyping to a ridiculous degree.

Answer #2

no prob.

Answer #3

thanks. and I know man, its insane. but thats what the fox new said, and we all know they don’t lie, lol

Answer #4

I fixed the subject and I’d have to see it to believe it cause it sounds like some science fiction BS.

Answer #5

that wasn’t a love and relationships question! xoxo good luck with finding the right category

Answer #6

lol, I put it under science. glitch, thanks for noticing though

Answer #7

Well, if that is the case, our oil supply won’t run out so soon.

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