ok so on the 19th of january I got the intrauterine device (DIU) and I was stil on my period. usually my period lasts in between 7 or 8 days. I’ve been having sex ever since the first day I had it put on and ever since I got it after a week I still had a little bleeding. now on the 4th of feb. I have symptoms of like when I get my period(sensible breast, cramps, etc.) and only for like 2 or 3 days I stopped bleeding but now I got my period again.. is this normal?? is it some kind of side effects?? I have horrible cramping and my breasts hurt a lot.. I also have a lot of fluid.. is this normal?? someone heelllppp!!!

Answer #1

While online go to and type in the symptoms to see what pops up to see what’s happening to you and why.

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