What should a teen preparing for pregnancy know?

Hmm..I don’t know what I’m asking. Though I do know that within a year I am going to try and get pregnant. I guess I just want all the information I can get from current mothers-to-be and mothers. It sounds ridiculous to get preggo at my age, indeed, but it’s something I’ve wanted for a very long time. I have the means to take care of a child, so there isn’t that to fret about. I have more experience than I could ever even begin to explain, so please, no one give me that crap about,”You don’t know what you’d be getting into!” Just, you know, pregnancy pains, what stages go with what months, difficulties, etc.

Answer #1
  1. Babies cry all hours of the night
  2. You will have a harder time attending college or getting a full-time job and supporting yourself.
  3. You will need to rely on your parents for help.
  4. The cost of having a baby is staggering.
  5. A college education for your child alone can cost $100,000.
  6. It’s the hardest job in the world.
Answer #2

You should be finished with college before even trying to start getting pregnant.

You need to go to the ob-gyn often.

You need to take prenatal vitamins.

You need to know about your cycle, fertility, prenatal development, and child development.

You need to have good health insurance for you and the baby.

You need to have a place of your own, whether you rent or own, with room for another person (babies don’t stay babies forever).

As far as the stages and difficulties of pregnancy, entire books are written about the subject. You could invest in a few of them such as things like What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

Answer #3

You should not do this.

No, not because of your age, but because of your reason. Just wanting a child “for a long time” isn’t a good enough reason to have one. It isn’t a toy, and it isn’t a pet. You don’t get one “just because you want one.” A child should be brought into a mature relationship that has been cultivated and healthy for years, which is impossible at your age.

Not only that, but you say you “have the means” to take care of a child. What exactly does that mean? Unless you’ve won the lottery or gotten a huge, and I mean immensely huge inheritance lately, you do not have the means. Living alone is expensive. Living with a child and father is incredibly expensive, especially because with a child to take care of, you will not be working.

Answer #4

People, I don’t need help with this anymore. I’ve made my decision, etc. The reason this question is still up is for others

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