How do I know if my breasts are tender from period or pregnancy?

how can I tell the difference between breast tenderness due to my period coming or being pregnent. whats the diiferece? isthere a difference? although my breast hurt befor my period ,they started hurting less then 2 weeks after my last one

Answer #1

they will hert thats normal

Answer #2

hi, I’ve been spotting like every other day and I get crams from front to my rectum and my Brest are tender why ?I just haven’t got my period normally

Answer #3

Have you had unprotected sex. Get a test done and that will tell you if you are pregnant.

You can conceive 2 weeks after the first day of your period but symptoms of pregnancy rarely show that quickly.

A test is the best way to put your mind at rest and get your breasts checked out by your doctor if you are still worried.

Good Luck.

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