To know abt pregnancy

Does my girlfriend got pregnant???I touched my penis and found some liquid over that and later I fingered it into hers…it all happened unfortunately when we were travelling on 8th???and I came to know that her periods are going to star on 14th..are there any chances of her being pregnant???someone please help me out of this…

Answer #1

yea, she couldve gotten pregnant if there was semen in it…

Answer #2

Sperm can usually live up to seven days when they’re in the cervical mucus of a woman’s vagina. However, when they’re not being nourished and protected by cervical mucus, vaginal secretions, the warmth and moisture of a man’s urethra and reproductive tract, or other warm and moist conditions, they die anywhere between a half an hour to four hours.

If you’ve touched semen, it’s a good idea to wash your hands, or at least wipe them off before touching the vulva or vagina.

If she does not get her period then she should take a pregnancy test. good luck!

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