Why does my industrial piercing still hurt?

I've had my industrial piercing for like 4 months now and it still hurts when I wash it or move it around...any advice??

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A friend of mine`s industrial used 6 month to heal. No infection or problem with the jewelrey, it just used long time to heal.

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it shouldnt hurt anymore, as it should be healed
but there could be a few reasons why its still hurts
1, it hasnt healed yet
something like ripping it slightly or an infection would make it hurt
maybe your sleepng on it in a way that makes it hurt
the jewelrey is making it hurt
for example
the jewelrey might not be made of surgical steel
or you could have a spike (if you dont have a captive ring) thats stabbing in your ear
either way go back to the profesional piercer or see a doctor and ask them why its hurting and if its going to be ok

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I am getting me industrial done tommoro and im pritty nervus wich is unusaly 4 me as I have me tounge noes belly and I perced me lip an dnoes myself and I wasent scaird then does it hurt worser then your tounge wich was just like a nip but I perced me top ear is it just like getting your top ear done 2 please tell me so ner vus

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