Increasing Boobs Size

can I increase my boobs size by pressing it myself?

Answer #1

ummh.. some exercises make your boobs perkier and people say that foods with estrogen in them make your breasts bigger..

Answer #2

Um.. I don’t think you can. You could gain weight, perhaps that would work?

Answer #3


Answer #4

NO the only things that makes your breast bigger are puberty if your not 18 they will reach there full size by around then surgery which usually makes them look fake and hard gaining a lot of weight all over your body which can make you unhealthy and pregnancy which will only temporarily make them big and also make them sag/droop more no pills, creams, exercise, foods and other crap works to make them temporarily bigger use padded bras and push-up bras

pressing or touching your boobs will not make them any bigger you really need to learn more about the human body and what it is and isnt capable of doing

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