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How can I get kids to stop teasing me for my height?

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I’m just over 6 ft and him only 14. I hate my height because of the attention it causes. In science [where I am right now] there is one particular boy. Everyday I have science he’s there. Throwing things at me and telling me to ‘go back to the jungle’ is his new personal favourite. He’s now scared most of the class, who didn’t like me anyway, into hating me. They laugh along with his stupid comments. If I say anything back he always has something to say. Now you may say I'm taller than him so I can fight back but stupidly i’m not. He’s a few inches higher than me. D: . I can’t tell a teacher. That would make things worse and my parents would just tell the school. I’m not changing school as I have just started getting ready for my GCSE’s.

What should I do?