Green Kid Crafts offers hands-on learning and STEAM education through their subscription box for kids.

About Green Kid Crafts

Who we are

At Green Kid Crafts, we are passionate about hands-on learning and STEAM education for kids. We have been a leading subscription box provider for over 10 years, dedicated to providing innovative and engaging projects for children of all ages. Our mission is to inspire creativity, curiosity, and a love of learning in children through our fun and educational activities.

What we Do

We offer a variety of subscription boxes designed for two age groups: children ages 3-5 and children ages 5-10+. Our Junior boxes are perfect for younger kids with a focus on crafts, while our Discovery boxes are ideal for older kids and encourage experimentation in science. Each box contains 4-6 STEAM projects and comes with a 12-page magazine to guide learning. Additionally, we provide families with DIY extras via email to enhance the learning experience.

Why you should use us

There are many reasons to choose Green Kid Crafts for your child’s educational needs. Our subscription program offers flexibility with 1-, 3-, 6-, or 12-month options, allowing you to customize your experience based on your child’s interests. Our boxes are carefully curated to provide a range of activities suitable for different age groups, ensuring that every child can find something engaging and educational in each box. Plus, with our online extras and customer care team always ready to help, you can rest assured that your child’s learning experience will be both enjoyable and enriching.

What can you ask?

  • What age group is each box designed for?
  • How many projects are included in each box?
  • Can I switch my subscription from Junior to Discovery or vice versa?
  • What is the difference between a 1-month subscription and a single box purchase?
  • Do you offer gift cards for subscriptions?
  • How can I place a group order for my school or organization?

By choosing Green Kid Crafts, you are not only providing your child with a fun and educational experience but also supporting a company dedicated to promoting creativity, curiosity, and learning in children. Join our community today and start exploring the exciting world of STEAM education with Green Kid Crafts!

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