how do I get rid of this name-calling issue?

ok, so im not gonna lie, im a fairly cool kid. I dont get made fun of much, because of my status. im not at the top, but im not at the bottom- im average. lately on the bus there is this kid who calles me Jessica (pretend it’s my name) Wetsherself ( wets her self). it’s what my last name sounds like when you say it really fast, my last name at least. I have tried ignoreing it, but every time he sees me he calls me it, and then everybod else laughs and starts doing it too. I’ve tried to ignore it, but they keep going. I dont want to tell a teacher, but what are some smart remarks I could say bacl to the kid to make him stop.?

Answer #1

you really need to tell a teacher because what the kid is doing is bullying, and no one should be bullied at school ao you should tell so the teacher can punnishg the boy and tell him why what his doing isnt on other than that, maybe try telling him to stop being pathetic and f*ck off?

Answer #2

Maybe you can do this:

There must be some kids on that bus, who are OK. Try to talk to the group leaders or kids with a lot of social influence on others, each one seperately. Do it when the bully-kid is away and won’t know. Tell them that this is really getting on your nerve and that you want the name-caller to stop but you don’t know how. Ask them for help. Put in some compliments. If you make the kids who you ask for help think that you believe they’re strong, popular, social, important or anything, they might like you more. Everyone likes to hear such flattering things about themselves.

Then next time on the bus, when the bully-kid does it again, give someone you asked for help a desperate look. If one stands up and speaks up for you, others will follow.

Bullies are cowards. They don’t dare to bully if they have opposition. They hurt somebody because they think it’s making them look better for the others. If the bully-kid notices that he actually makes people dislike him, he’ll stop.

Answer #3

I have the same problem with my last name. thanks guys thats really good advice. but seriously all the people that say we need to tell the teacher. no think about it. would you have told the teacher. (and plus im in highschool to tell the teacher is way to pathetic)

Answer #4

ok I get teased a lot to but I ignore it btw it’s not what your called it’s what you answer to !!!

Answer #5

Ok well telling a teacher is the absolute last thing that you want to do. It will still continue and they will make fun of you for it. The kid will probably only get a detention which doesn’t matter.

If he is around your size/smaller then when he says it again next time walk up to him and say “What’d you say? I didn’t hear you.” when you say it act like you are being serious and you really didn’t hear him, he will probably get embarrassed with everyone watching and you actually being up close to him and in his face that time. If he says it again to your face be like “Oh wow dude that’s really f$##ing annoying now.”

If he is bigger then you and won’t care if you are in closer to him and won’t care about saying it to your face then just look at him and give him a look and just say “Whatever.”

Also if you talk to him sometimes as a friend and he makes fun of you or whatever, or you see him sometimes and say whats up, just don’t look at him when you walk by him or anything.

Answer #6

What I do if someone makes fun of me, I laugh along with them. It confuses them sooo much. They are most likely going to stop if you laugh, cause they’ll see it doesnt bother you.

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