In response to: GOD real or a figment of man. Please respond

On this Planet there is a box…lets call it pandoras box just for fun. In pandoras box there is proof, absolutely, positively, UNDISPUTABLE fact that God does or does not exist. Would you open it under this set of conditions? But first know this is true, Gods word is based on Faith and Faith alone, thats what most if not all the stories in the book are about, blind faith. So would you open the box???


  1. Open the box and know the truth, if the proof shows that God does exist then you will have just lost the ability to have blind faith. Your soul will now be damned to eternal punisment in hell.

2.Open the box and know the truth, if the proof shows that God does NOT exist then you walk away back to the world armed with you new found knowledge, you want for nothing because its already yours. Use the knowldge how you wish. Everybody can have faith in you if you want and all the God believers can be the ones waisting there lives to die for nothing. You set people free to live life guilt free, sex, drugs, murder the sky is the limit if they wish NO GUILT. If they have faith in what you teach and eventually put in a book.

  1. Dont open it, and the world will know that you passed up the opportunity, and live with knowing you could have known the truth, and if you want to make it to this place that you call heaven that you sacrific you mortal 100 years to a life of servitude of faith.

Post your answer.

The point is that if you had proof there would not be any need for faith…and freedom to choose. That is why we are here,…for our choices, if there is a heaven ,it will be our choices in this life that get us there… Just like its the faith in our own choices now that get us anywhere in life…and in death.

Answer #1

God is real and if you believe so what do you really have to loose? Im not going to sit here and tell you all of the ways I know he excists because it will not mean anything to you if you havent experienced it. All im trying to say is read about him even if you dont really believe in much try and pray when you see how much happier you are and how complete you feel you will not regret it and you will feel like helping people like I do now! Trust me there is much joy!!!

Answer #2

Regarding your option #1: Why is it a given that the god the box reveals damns you for lack of faith? Regarding your option #2: What does no god have to do with allowing murder (or anything else)?

Answer #3

I believe god does not exist.

Answer #4

This is why they have FUN MAIL… so you can directly send someone your message…

Answer #5

God is a repeated story throughout history there are many other stories like it its not real but spirits are and I believe in the holy spirit

Answer #6

The box was opened at creation, you are born into its openess. You gradually find the truth, if you are open to it. If you seek it. If you desire it.

Satans biggest lie is that God does not exist.

Understand that there are two forces alive and well, both fighting for mans allegiance.

The battles rage everyday.

The stakes are high.

No one is exempt.

No one lives forever.

When we die, our souls will reside somewhere, as they are spirit.

Its up to us to provide for them, now, today, while we have the opportunity.

God is real, and can be found, if he is sought.

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