what i do for improving my concentration?

Any specific food or technique…..plz help.

Answer #1

If you have a lot of trouble maintaining focus than you may have AD/HD.

If this is really a problem for you than you should have a professional evaluation. Everyone has some characteristics of AD/HD so it is a diagnosis that is easy to talk yourself into but an objective professional can determine if your symptoms are pathological. Some people with AD/HD can do better with coaching while some require medication to improve.

Answer #2

I myself have the same problem but i have ADD, it makes it nearly impossible to focus on anything for more then a few seconds. Speaking to a psychiatrist will help a lot, they can determine if you have ADD or ADHD and what you can do to help :) I dont like taking the medication for it besides when in school cause it makes me not really as entertained with anything like i kinda just feel bleh.

Answer #3

I would suggest you make sure you get at least 7 or8 hrs of sleep.If that doesn’t help then it’s possible you could be suffering from sleep apnea .Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that tends to cause you to stop breathing several times during the night and when your body isn’t fully rested people tend to feel tired and sluggishnntherefore have trouble concentration.Hope this helps you out :)

Answer #4

i have adhd and when i am in school i have to take ritalin ONLY when i am in school tho. im not saying for u to go get some pills.but you should talk to your doctor and tell him or her how you act in school and so and soand he or she wil determine if u need it or not

Answer #5

I have ADD as well. Funny thing is that I wasn’t diagnosed until I was 48. I did fine in school and college (though I no doubt could have done better).

Increasing professional demands are what drove me to seek help.

Since I have high blood pressure I can’t take ritalin or adderall. There are other options for medications; especially off-label use of other medications not traditionally prescribed for ADD.

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