How can I improve my Mathematics?

My math is so week and I want to improve it. How can improve my Mathematics?

Answer #1

you can improve on your mathatics skills by practising and givng the time and effort of you concentration in class to actually lean the subject and to learn it well and also you would have to be comitted to learning that subject so it would ned to be practised at home aswell when you have a bit of free time

Answer #2

If you can find a way to fit the math into the real world it helps a lot. Like the Pythagorean formula: (aa) + (bb) = (c*c). It is used to calculate the length of rafters and stair stringers.

Answer #3

Practise, Practise, Practise! If you want to improve it then maybe check online, I’m sure there are some good websites to practise different sections. You could get a tutor - if you have the time and money. Buy some books to help you practise. But yes.. like everyone is saying above ^^ The key to maths is practise. Good luck =]


Answer #4

Definitely practice but I became to like math because of the teachers… they always stayed after school and helped me.. I also found that study groups or other friends that understand a part of the lesson where you may not understand is a good way to improve. Hope my ideas help.. =]

Answer #5

gosh! im having d same prob too

Answer #6

Hay you can stady it whole day long ,but its a subject that must be done in full attention.Just be attentive and try to do everything using your brain!

Answer #7

try a book on vedic mathematics

Answer #8

For maths,practice make perfect.Practice your maths.It really works for me.^^

And of course,pay extra attention in class.

Answer #9

practice, I took a refresher course for highschool math a year ago it really helped

Answer #10

Get a tutor!~!~!~!

Answer #11

Definitely, I will giving the first priority to maths practice because of practice helps to improve your maths. If you learn more strategy about maths, then you can go with online because here available lots of material about maths which can helpful to you.

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