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What is more important in a political party, competence or ethics?

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In my country there are several political parties. Some of them have skilled people who will probably be able to handle the aftermath of the economical crisis well. But I think that many of them are hypocrites and also think that they make laws in favor of their special clientele. Their politics is biased in favor of lobby groups and as far as I can tell, they are making laws that delimit civil rights using dangers that don't exist as a subterfuge.
There is another political party which is pacifist, very social and ethically/morally integer to my perspective. But they
re a chaotic pile of idealists and they have no experience in governing. And I think they'll totally fail to make any working laws that will help the economy to recover. (OK, just my opinion. I may be pessimistic about both sides. But that's not the subject of this question)

The Question is: Which party should I vote for in the next election? The one I believe to be most competent about boosting the economy? Or the one that matches my views of ethics?