Ethics class debate

ok so my friend is doing a debate in her ethics class and the subject is abortion and adoption and whether or not the father should have any say or legal responsibility for the child even if he doesnt want it. some feedback would be awesome, tell my what side you are on and why.

this is what the paper says on the subject: assuming abortion and adoption are moral and legal alternatives to raising a child that has been concieved for women biological fathers have no moral and should have no legal responsibility for children they did not wish to have.

I hope that kind of clears it up but if it doesnt tell me and I will try to help makes sense of it.

Answer #1

Very Classy to answer me that way. Very Classy.

Answer #2

Well whomever wrote the question has no clue of moral and there is no raising a child after an abortion. So the question has fallacies to begin with.

Okay, back to the question, I am only for adoption. Since the father did have something to do with there being a pregnancy I think he has to be heard and his decision should be just as important even if he isn’t carrying the child. I’ve seen cases where the girl didn’t tell him she was pregnant and he came to find out too late. It’s sad someone doesn’t get a say so when it’s his baby as well. I’ve also seen where the young male has taken custody since the female couldn’t or wouldn’t care for the child.

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