IMPORTANT Eye health question

Is there any exercises I can do to improve my vision. I am 16 and I am losing my vision. I have a fear of becoming blind when I am older and need to prevent it. If anyone can help me please tell me something I can do from home to improve my vision.

Answer #1

When you say loosing your vision do you mean you have short/long sight and need glasses or do you mean you are actually going blind from something like a cataract? For exercises and advice go see an optometrist as ericauda has advised or an optician. There may be surgical procedures that could help which you could discuss with a optometrist. And as gamette said carrots actually do help, not help you see in the dark but, improve the health of your eyes. Infact anything (including supplements) that contain vitamin A will help your eye health but it won’t improve your vision. Beta-carotine(in carrots) can also protect against cataracts and macular degeneration. However large doses of vitamin A can actually be toxic and an overdose of beta-carotene can turn your skin orange/yellow so don’t go over the top with carrot eating, two a day should be fine! Hope this helps x

Answer #2

I dunno of any excercizes, but (not to sound like a bossy mom or anything) eat yellow vegetables (carrots, pumpkin squash)you’ll be steady from then on… there are also vitamins in that… LOLZ, Hope this helps

Answer #3

you wont become blind you will just require lenses . its nt that bad dont worry! thre are some small exercises that can help with vision . I would suggest doing them once a day. Take a pencil and hold it at eye level vertically about an arms length in front of you. Focus on the pencil only for ten seconds and then change your focus to something in the distance behind it for another ten seconds. Repeat this for however long you are comfortable. Preferably atleast a set of ten :)

Answer #4

an optometrist can answer all your questions and recommend eye strengh exercises. I had to do them!

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